Thursday, January 16, 2014

Meanwhile in Bristol

I am now staying in Bristol for exchange programme. The weather sucks, extremely unpredictable.
No matter it is sunny and just cloudy outside, DON'T TRUST IT, 'cuz it will be raining SOON.
Hellish weather, UK.

The view outside the hotel room I have stayed for 2 days.
I had watched BBC Sherlock season 3 finale in this lovely room! HELL YEAH TELEVISION.

Some pictures taken nearby my place (the student accommodation)
Well, the roads are wider than those in HK, but same habit and same right-side driving, hence, not many difficulties.

Kinda weird to see some trees without leaves AT ALL.
Well  it's a common sense here but not in HK (we always have green)
Look so nice and a photo was taken immediately.
DAMN it looks so lonely in B&W.

BTW there are a lot of graffiti in Bristol. Saw some while on my way to school and THEY ARE BRILLIANT!
Planned to take pic of them someday (My friend said she wanna come with me too)
You can't find much graffiti in HK as it's not encouraged at all. (Everywhere is private place and kept in "good" order DAFUQ)
Graffiti is like a free art and expression HELL WHY HK NOT SUPPORT THIS!
Well yeah, 'cuz it's HK and HK doesn't support art and design AT ALL.
Just compare UWE with Polyu, HELL DIFFERENCE!!!!!!
Polyu studio is so FU*KING SMALL AND CROWDED but here in UWE! DAMN SPACIOUS!
If not the weather and the language (yup, Bristolian is kinda hard to understand), I would like to stay in UWE forever.