Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Taiwanese, bless you

Reading the news and reports about the Taiwan ECFA issue, Taiwan students are occupying the yuen and fighting for the freedom of Taiwan.

Don't ever become Hong Kong, Taiwan!
ECFA is an agreement that do harm rather than good.
Hong Kong didn't have any power to not sell themselves to China, but Taiwan! You have the POWER!

Sorry for the politic topic but THIS is really important as I find that quite lot of EU exchange students don't know what's going on in Asia. Hong Kong is not that nice and DEFINITELY not the no.1 city to live in.
We, Hongkongese, somehow are not living but surviving. 

Taiwan, fight when you are still able to.
We Hongkongese have lost our hope long time ago, hence, all the wishes and hopes are on your guys now.

Bless you. Taiwan!